43 Tone Organ
A YAMAHA electric reed organ,
adapted and tuned into Harry Partch's 43tone tuning "in C".
Originaly contained 1and half banks of reed cell.

 The process of adaptation for 43tone organ was : first, all the reeds which were originally set in each cell-board were removed.
A special tool given by my piano tuner was used to pull them out. New reeds were prepared to be tuned to 43 tone scale. 3 or 4 reeds for each 12 notes were necessary; these can not be obtained easily now. Reeds were tuned by scratching the base of the vibrating flange to flatten,and scratching the tip of the flange to sharpen. A small file and a cutter was used. Thus, new reeds were tuned to 43tone scale and set in the cell board one by one.
43 Tone Organ

  Take a look at the photo and you 'll find some marks in pink above the keyboard. They indicate a C scale in pure temperament. And some stickers in each color stuck on the keyboard represent kind of "Syzygy Chords" which are used very exclusively in certain SYZYGY's songs. The keyboard is not changed in anyway. A 43 tone scale occupies the distance from F2(in YAMAHA term) to the highest F5.

This organ has 61 keys. The lowest 3 keys are tuned to C1,F1,G1 to get the bass sound. Except for these , all keys are tuned to 43 tone scale.

 At the end of 2005 I made second organ named " SYZYGY 2 ". It is for my Kyoto house and has exactly the same tuning as previous one in Tokyo.

Now that I have two houses , thus two organs.
Next step is.... maybe one octave higher version? Any ideas?

*The Flash™ key board on the top page makes faithfully Harry Partch's 43tone tuning. Try the sound of 43tone organ!  Top Page arrow